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Pressure washing boats onshore is a long-standing practice, and a necessary one to prep the hull for new antifouling. The challenge however, is that the wastewater contains toxins and micro plastics harmful to the environment and the health of those who perform the job. Fjord Tech is set to solve this pickle, and February marks the start of the “ToxiClean” pilot project in the Oslo fjord.

Our industrial partner, the R&D institution AquateamCowi has now started initial lab tests and preparations for the development of the Pilot unit which will be placed in Blommenholm Marina at the end of this season. The system will undergo testing and tuning in the fall during the annual boat haul.

Built with innovative technology and a goal to offer the market a low maintenance, plug-and play wastewater treatment solution, ToxiClean allows for both stationary or mobile use.

Blommenholm Marina want to be a front runner for green solutions, and we are excited to have the Pilot here in our very own harbor.

John Phillip Dahlström, MD Blommenholm Boat club

The ToxiClean Pilot project is funded through a mix of public and private contributions and investments, where Innovation Norway plays a significant part. The project is also funded by the Norwegian Retailer’s Environment Fund. The system will be commercially available in the spring of 2022.

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