Our timeline

June 2021
Strategic partnership
AkzoNobel partners up with Fjord Tech

World leading paint manufacturer, AkzoNobel partners up with Fjord Tech Solutions, marking the beginning of "The Clean Hull Project" . 

September 2021
Preliminary cleaning tests
Brushless cleaning & panel tests

At the end of the 2021-season, tests were performed on fouled panels, coated with eco-friendly foul release coating, to determine the ideal cleaning parameters. 

January 2022
Concept development
Designing the hull cleaning machine

High pressure nozzles are mounted on the automated robotic cleaning arm, ensuring a thoroughly clean hull in no time. 

May 2022
Initiation of test boat program
Onboarding 30 test boat owners

30 forward leaning boat owners joins the test boat program, converting their boats from traditional self-polishing antifouling to eco friendly foul release coating from International paint. 

September 2022
Test boat results
Manual cleaning tests on test boats

9 out of 10 boat owners experienced increased top speed when switching to foul release coatings. The fouling build up varied from boat to boat, but the common factor was that the fouling came off easily with the help of a cloth or hand movement. Promising results provides  fertile ground for optimism for further development of a brushless hull cleaning system. 

December 2022
The build
Building the cleaning dock

The in-water cleaning system will be installed at Vollen Marina during the spring of 2023, and test boat owners can expect cleaning tests to begin in May/June. 

March 2023
Programming and automation
Construction and programming of the cleaning arm

On-land programming, automation and testing.

May 2023
In-water cleaning testing
Testing begins in marina

May marks the beginning of the in-water cleaning tests at Vollen Marina 


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