Tackling emissions
from current antifouling practice

With a passion for the environment, we develop solutions that help harbors, marinas and boat owners reduce their footprint and operate in accordance with the law. Learn more about FastTrack in-water hull cleaning and Toxiclean wastewater treatment.

100 years of almost unchanged maintenance practice in the boating industry has resulted in large emissions from antifouling paint. As many fjords and oceans are in a critical environmental state, boat owners and marinas must take responsibility by embracing eco-friendly products and solutions that reduce the environmental footprint. We help them make the right choice.
Anders Øgaarden

The Partners

Anders Øgaarden

Former Project Manager of the “Green Marina” initiative at Vollen Marina. A champion for the green shift in the industry, a boats man and entrepreneur at heart.

Erlend Nordbak

Extensive experience in B2B and B2C sales-/marketing and business administration. An innovative mindset, with a passion for environmental sustainability. 

The smart ones

Roy Norum

The “Brains” and Mentor for the FTS team, Business Development and Strategic Advisor. Shareholder and Director of Board.

Claes G. Gunnarson

Managerial experience from larger sales and marketing organizations in Atea, Telenor, Telia and Flokk. Helps start-ups with distribution strategy, financing and scale-up plans.

Martin Papworth

The “Analyst”, and Senior consultant in the field of mechanical engineering. With an extensive experience in research and development for subsea cleaning, Martin has joined the FastTrack development team.

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