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Vollen Marina was lit up this weekend, kickstarting Norway’s first ever electric boat conference. Let’s just say – the green shift is hitting our industry!

More than 20 exhibitors participated at the three day event, ranging from boat manufacturers, engine and battery producers to event tour companies and players responsible for enabling electric infrastructure. All companies with a common goal of making green boating accessible to the public.

Benefits of electric boats

We got the chance to test a few of the electric boats, and the first thing that struck us, was how quiet the boats run compared to regular engines running on fossile fuels. Bonseye, an event tour company located in Geirangerfjorden get visitors from all over the world who want to enjoy the beautiful landscape surrounding the fjord, that is also on UNESCO world heritage list. When they replaced their RIBs and went fully electric, they were able to do more guiding at higher speeds due to less noise from engines after they electrified their fleet. They also experienced that the tourists were very happy to experience the nature without leaving a massive carbon footprint.

Candela C-8 – electric boat with foils

Candela is a Swedish boat manufacturer that just now released a brand new model. According to the Managing Director, Gustav Hasselskog, the service and maintenance costs savings of owning an electric boat is also significant. A key element in Candela’s design is the foil, that allows the boat to fly above water. This in turn increases efficiency and allows for longer range.

And last but not least, the most obvious benefit that all electric boaters agree on, is obtaining 0-emission to air.

How does Fjord Tech fit in to the mix?

Electrification of boats is an important measure to obtain the goal of 0-emissions above the waterline. However, emission reductions to air is only half the problem. Making boating greener, also includes 0-emissions below the waterline. And a question that arises is: what is an electric boat without a super smooth and clean hull? To maximize each KwH, these boats are dependent on optimal hull performance. This can be achieved by converting to an eco-friendly FRC coating, such as Intersleek 1100-SR. Long lasting and non-toxic coatings, faster hulls and zero emissions to sea.

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