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Together with key industry players, we are introducing two solutions that simplifies boat maintenance, while drastically reducing emissions from recreational boating.

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Fast Track

Under development

Fully automatic, in-water hull cleaning of motorboats up to 30 feet. The concept combines eco-friendly and long lasting foul release coatings with gentle brushless in-water cleaning. The smartest way to obtain a clean, fast and eco-friendly hull.


Under development

Plug-and-play wastewater treatment solution for harbors and marinas that perform maintenance of boats on shore.  Collection, cleaning and safe disposal of toxins and micro plastics.

The Partners

Anders Øgaarden

Former Project Manager of the “Green Marina” initiative at Vollen Marina. A champion for the green shift in the industry, a boats man and entrepreneur at heart.

Erlend Nordbak

Extensive experience in B2B and B2C sales-/marketing and business administration. An innovative mindset, with a passion for environmental sustainability. 

The smart ones

Roy Norum

The “Brains” and Mentor for the FTS team, Business Development and Strategic Advisor. Shareholder and Director of Board.

Henrik Sandmark

Our Mr. “Outside the Box” and Lead Technical Designer for FastTrack and ToxiClean. Extensive industry track record. Shareholder. 

Petter Waitz

Mr. “Know-how” and FastTrack Senior Project Consultant. Responsible for FTS’ design team and mechanical sourcing. High competence in design and automation. Shareholder.

Martin Papworth

The “Analyst”, and Senior consultant in the field of mechanical engineering. With an extensive experience in research and development for subsea cleaning, Martin has joined the FastTrack development team.


The Oslofjord is dying

We invited the former Minister of Environment, Ola Elvestuen and member of parliament Solveig Schytz to discuss the efforts outlined in the Greater Plan for

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It’s electric!

Vollen Marina was lit up this weekend, kickstarting Norway’s first ever electric boat conference. Let’s just say – the green shift is hitting our industry!

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Blommenholm Marina, Norway
Collection of wastewater
Toxic wastewater
Remains of antifouling paint and contaminated biofouling
Wastewater, antifouling paint and biofouling

The smart ones

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A plug and play wastewater treatment system for harbors and marinas

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